Advanced technology, precision,
high quality and maximum reliability.
This is our manufactoring philosophy.
  • CNC machined with high-quality anticorodal aluminium and hard anodized
  • Shooting modes: Nikon-Canon-Sony digital TTL, s-TTL, film TTL, manual
  • Digital protocols Nikon, Canon, Sony on-board selectable by users
  • Firmware upgradable by user via APP-Bluethoot
  • High-speed sync HSS available in digital TTL and manual by sync cable
  • Circular flash lamp, warm color, on parabolic reflector with dome port
  • Imput by S6 synchro cable socket, Sea&Sea fiber-optic cable socket, slave sensor
  • Ergonomic controls insensitive to hydrostatic pression
  • Input, operating mode and power level showed on digital display
Max energy 162 Ws (J)
Manual mode power control range – steps Full -6 f-stop - 1/2
TTL mode EV control range – steps ± 2 f-stop - 1/3
Maximum shutter speed in HSS mode, up to 1/8000 s
GN Guide number ISO100-1m 20
GN Guide number ISO100-1m - detection angle 20-90° | 18-110° | 16-130°
Beam angle 130° (circular)
Number of full power flashes over 250
Recycle time 0,2-1,6 s
Color temperature 4.600 °K
Pilot light Led 200 lm 10° 2 steps
Power supply interchangeable battery pack
Battery type and capacity NiMH 4,8V 3050mAh
Battery charging time 90 min
Flash arm connection M6 threaded hole
Dimension Diameter x Length (controls included) 99x200 mm
Weight in air battery included 1460 g
Weight UW battery included (with neoprene cover) ≈-170 g (≈ -50 g)

ONEUW reserves the right to modify and improve its products at any time without prior notice.

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